Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet or Salty)

I order this constantly here in India and plan to make it myself once I'm home.  Not that there's much making involved; it's basically just lazy, fizzy lemonade.  Here's the (short, simple) recipe: Ingredients:

  1. A lemon or lime
  2. Club soda
  3. Sugar, salt, or both to taste
  1. Squeeze the lemon or lime into a glass
  2. Add sugar, salt, or both to taste
  3. Pour club soda into the glass
  4. Enjoy!
Sweet is good.  Sweet and salty is surprisingly good as well.  There are a few more recipes I want to figure out, but I'll need to do some experimenting before I post the results - the Makhaniya lassi and tomato and peanut soup are at the top of my list.