A Rose By Any Other Name

So my work in progress, The Duke Who Never Forgets, is set in Derbyshire.  I've been looking up some locally appropriate surnames - did you know you could do that?  There's a website, here, that gathers lists of English surnames by county, often dating them back to their earliest appearance in records.  Very handy for a romance author striving for authenticity and local flavor. There are a lot of fantastic names to choose from, some glorious and crunchy like Widgery and Kippax, some that have a perfect traditional feel that can't just be invented, like Orme or Harrop.

And some names that are too fantastic and silly to be believed - like Topliss or Toogood, Hickinbotham or Luckcuck.  Luckcuck!  And let's not forget the inevitable Longstaff, but have you ever met anyone named Lillycrapp before?  Or Purseglove?  Spendlove, Makepeace - there's a sentence in there, I think.