Dear Jon Hamm -

You are amazing as Don Draper on Mad Men. It's my favorite show on television, and it couldn't exist without you. Well. That's not quite true. I can think of one other actor capable of playing Don Draper. Michael Fassbender. In fact, I'm convinced that most of his recent film roles (Shame, Jane Eyre, Haywire, etc.) are actually covert audition tapes for the role.

Let's put this another way: if some Hollywood wise guy decided, "Oh, I've had enough of Don Draper's career in advertising in the 1960s, let's do Don Draper's career as an actor in the oughts instead," they'd commission a pilot and get a biopic about Fassbender in return.

I think it's time to settle this once and for all. That's why I'm asking you to drag Fassy onto SNL, where the two of you must compete to see who's really the best Don Draper.


A fan.