It's all happening

Sorry to be so quiet on the blog. I've been head-down and focusing hard on finishing, revising, and polishing The Young Blood. I knew this book would be coming out later than I'd hoped--I hadn't realized exactly how much later. With every passing day/week/month, another seemingly essential task or habit fell to the wayside. 

But now the book is off to the proofreader, which is the very final step. I'm working on my next project, which I should be announcing soon--my next two releases are going to be novellas, one in an anthology, one a stand-alone addition to the No Better Angels series. 

More news about those in a bit. 

So I apologize for the delays. The good news is, I'm happy with this book. I think it's my best book, my most romantic book. It's my funniest book and probably also my darkest book. I think it brings the series to an end in a satisfying way. 

I've known how I'd redeem Alfie for a long time. For years, actually. I never had any doubt. But I had a harder time developing his heroine. She had to be his equal but not his duplicate, someone who would see him clearly but not reject him out of hand. Not an innocent, not a saint, but someone who nonetheless challenged him to be better. 

I adore Sabine. She might be my favorite heroine. 

The release date is going to be September 27. Mark it on your calendars but never fear, I'll keep posting reminders here and elsewhere as I get pre-orders set up and review copies ready to go. 

For now, here's a preliminary blurb: 

Sabine Banchory is a sensible, intelligent, and eminently capable woman—which is why she was forced to marry a short-sighted reprobate. She tries to keep her husband in line while he fritters away her dowry at gambling dens and flaunts his affairs. 

The Earl of Kingston is just the sort of man she most despises. He’s a notorious rake who wastes his considerable natural talents on seduction, often dragging the women he targets into the mire of scandal and disgrace. And all for what, a bit of pleasure? 

When the smooth-talking, sinfully handsome and strangely perceptive earl sets his sights on her, she doesn’t bother to drive him away. He’ll soon learn she’s immune to such temptations.

Isn’t she?