Hello, hello. This is a general update post. I've been quiet lately--the winter has really worn me down and it's been all I can do to get The Orphan Pearl into shape for publication.

I'll have more news on that soon--a final blurb, a date--but the book is with my copyeditor right now and I should have her edits in a week or so. After that comes proofreading, formatting, maybe a pre-order period (leaning towards it), and boom. At the moment, I'd say we're about a month away from release. Maybe less.

Also, I've been thrilled and honored to get a slot in the historical bracket for DABWAHA, the March Madness-style book competition run by Smart Bitches and Dear Author. I've been filling out DABWAHA brackets for years (I always score very badly!) but don't really know anything about March Madness. I was talking with my mom about the nomination on the phone and we had both concluded that it had something to do with football before my dad stepped in and said, no, it's basketball. 

Good thing I write historicals, eh? Because a hero who plays a team sport professionally is really beyond me. 

So check out DABWAHA, fill out a bracket, see if you win any prizes. I doubt I will make it very far (hot insider tip!) but, man, it's amazing to see my name next to authors who I've been reading & admiring & looking up to for years. 

What else? I've gotten on a mason jar salad kick. Here is a nice primer about what mason jar salads are and why they're so great. Personally, I've adopted the habit because I like salads, not because I want to diet, so I've been hunting around for fun salad recipes & learning to make delicious, super indulgent salad dressings. This Ruth's Chris copycat recipe has been a favorite. 

I've been pairing the salads with soups--it's been soup weather, end-of-winter, nothing's-fresh, just-huddle-in-a-blanket-and-wait-for-the-season-to-change soup weather--and here is a curried cauliflower soup recipe I've particularly enjoyed.

I've been reading quite a bit--more than in a long while, and with more pure pleasure--but mostly fanfiction. You never know what's going to sweep you off your feet & keep your eyes glued to the screen until you can't see straight anymore. 

Expect more updates, especially as I get closer to release. Hope everyone's well & three cheers for spring.