New News

How is everyone? 

I've been updating the blog infrequently but how about a roundup of recent goings on? 

In February, I left Kentucky to try out life as a 'digital nomad'--the name is a little grandiose and silly but it's also the most apt description I've heard so far. The idea is that certain jobs (like writing novels or--more commonly--web development) can be done from anywhere in the world, so there's no need for a fixed home. Instead, you roam the world as you please--working hard and exploring when you get the chance. 

So far I've drifted through Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, and now I'm in Vietnam, with sidetrips to Cambodia and Laos. I'll be returning to the US briefly in December but so far I've got to say, this lifestyle suits me pretty well... and I don't think it's hurt my productivity.

This year, I've released a novella in Sight Unseen--and after three months of mystery, this week we're finally revealing who wrote which story. Emma Barry did a great interview with All About Romance about her novella, Free, Meredith Duran discussed her story A Clear View of You with Heroes and Heartbreakers, and I did an interview over at USAToday's HEA Blog about my contribution, Lost That Feeling

I really suggest checking out the interview. I talk about where I got my inspiration for the story and the real-world history and landscapes that I drew on for the worldbuilding. 

I've also got a few big releases planned for the future. The first is a box set of the No Better Angels books. Check out the gorgeous new cover: 


I'm releasing it at $9.99, which means that anyone who reads The Secret Heart for free would still save a couple of dollars if they go on to buy the box set instead of purchasing The Lover's Knot, The Orphan Pearl, and The Young Blood individually. 

So it's a great time to recommend my books to your friends! You can preorder the Box Set at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the Google Play store and iBooks. It releases on September 20.

For anyone who's thinking, "This is all well and good but I'm waiting for a new historical romance from you, Ms. Satie," well... that's on its way too. I'm almost done with the new book--I'm at the stage where I'm getting my post-production ducks in a row, reaching out to my editors and I just finished commissioning a new cover.

It'll be at least a month or two before I have any really concrete news for you, but I plan to have this book out before the end of the year and, so far, I'm really excited by how it's turning out. I'm excited about my concept for the series arc, the individual characters are shaping up to be fun people I enjoy spending time with, and the new book has some exquisitely emotional moments. 

More soon--I think I owe everyone a reading list--but in the meanwhile, I hope that you're safe and well.