Where to start?

It looks like I'll be uploading The Secret Heart to the major online vendors sometime this weekend. So I'm less than a week away from the release of my first book and I wish I could say I was thrilled but mostly I want to vomit. This is typical for me, though. The last time I bought a new camera, I moped around the house for a week, second-guessing my choice and thinking about returning it. Etc.

However! You can be excited for me! If you want. Or not. But I will imagine, for the moment, that you, the reader of this blog, are a little excited & maybe even considering reading one of my books. 

I'll be coming out with two books in fairly close succession--The Secret Heart and The Lover's Knot. They're part of a planned series of four; the third should follow along in January. Both stand alone--it's not necessary to read in order.

So. If you had to pick just one, which should you choose? 

The Secret Heart is about a boxer and a ballerina. The boxer is the hero, Adam, and he's also a courtesy Earl, heir to a Duke. Adam fights and he has daddy issues and he's more than a few years older than the heroine. The heroine, Caro, is tiny and delicate and virginal.  

What I'm getting at here: The Secret Heart is pretty tropey. It's a love letter to old school romance. It's my attempt to open up the the paint-by-numbers book and color in the page marked 'historical romance'. Lots of familiar elements...though there is a particular moment where a reader will (hopefully) think, "I thought I knew where this was going, but..."--and it's really intensely emotional. 

The Lover's Knot is a second chances romance, and it is unconventional. The heroine, Sophie, is stubborn. She runs her own business. She's a skilled forger who writes letters to herself in her dead parents' handwriting when she's stressed. She's an odd duck. The hero is a duke, which hits a romance sweet spot, but some readers call him intense and others imbalanced. They're both tremendously repressed.

The Lover's Knot also has a strong mystery element.

The Lover's Knot is what happens when I throw away the paint-by-numbers book and see what I can do, when I dream up any plot I can imagine (that still has an HEA). If you're looking for something different, you might want to start here.