Praise for Erin Satie's Books

The Lover's Knot was a 2015 DABWAHA finalist.

Dear Author reviewed The Secret Heart, giving it a B-, The Lover's Knot, giving it a B+, and The Young Blood, giving it an A. Reviewer Jennie wrote of The Young Blood: "Strong writing, excellent characterization and a plot that actually surprised me all contributed to making this a very good book. But there’s that something more – that feeling of freshness, and of the characters coming alive – that made this an A read."

Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy books and Jane of Dear Author chatted about The Secret Heart and The Lover's Knot on the Smart Podcast, Trashy Books podcast. Check out the transcript here, where Sarah Wendell sums the books up as "elegant historical romance". 

Mandi at SmexyBooks gave The Lover's Knot a B+. She wrote, "Julian’s fierce, never-ending support of Sophie is swoon-worthy... Such a satisfying romance read."

Ana Coqui of Immersed in Books reviewed The Orphan Pearl and wrote, "Since her debut Satie has consistently impressed me with her ability to make me care about morally flexible, difficult characters with suspect motivations," and says of the hero and heroine, "Despite the layers of deception and hidden motivations, there is an undeniable truth to their connection and attraction. They see through, challenge, trick and poke at each other all the while building up an uncomfortable level of trust."

In her review of The Young Blood at Romance Novels for Feminists, Jackie C. Horne wrote, "I've been a fan of Satie's gorgeous writing style from the start of her career. But with this final book in her inaugural series, she proves that she is as capable of crafting a compelling storyline replete with sexual tension as she is of penning gorgeous prose. The Young Blood could well be the best historical romance you'll read all year."

Em Whittman reviewed Sight Unseen at All About Romance. My contribution, Lost That Feeling, was her favorite of the anthology. 

A selection of comments left by Amazon reviewers: 

"I found the novel the best of both worlds: a satisfying romance story with the more complex characters and better writing of a literary novel or the best of historical fiction."

"If you like smart historicals like Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare, Cecilia Grant, Sherry Thomas, you'll enjoy Satie's gift for description and deft handling of complicated truths." 

 "The book felt incredibly fresh." 

"Satie is such a good new author to discover if you like your historical romance a little darker and more intense, not to mention complex and intelligent. I look forward to reading more from her!" 

"Satie has become an auto-buy author for me."

"If you're looking for something new and different from the usual romances set in Regency-land, I highly recommend this."

 "Ms. Satie writes with a gentle, lyric voice yet her prose is sharp with insight."