What's Next?

The first book in my new series of historical romances, Bed of Flowers, releases on June 19. Read more about it here

A new series? Tell me more!

Like my No Better Angels books, Sweetness and Light will include four novels, each with a stand alone romance--that is, the romance will begin and end (in a happily ever after) over the course of a single book. But there will be a core cast of characters that carries through the whole series, and common themes. It will be set in the 1850s, a little later than my earlier books.

The main difference between the two series should be obvious by the title. The protagonists of Sweetness & Light will be conventionally good people who are naturally inclined to do the right thing. Unfortunately, these virtuous impulses will generally make their lives harder and more complicated. You'll meet the heroines of all four books in Bed of Flowers; hopefully you'll love them as much as I do!

Don't worry that I'm giving up on my brand or watering down my style. I'm changing things up because I want to challenge myself, because trying new things is part of growing as a person and as a writer. I'm really excited about what I have planned. 

What's up with this Sight Unseen thing?

Sight Unseen is an anthology collection. I had a lot of fun writing for it and I adore the concept. There are five participating authors and we all wrote outside of our usual genre for the collection, trying something new or something we'd be afraid to write otherwise--maybe just something that doesn't quite fit our brand.

My story, Lost That Feeling, is a fantasy. It was really fun to write and I plan on publishing it as a standalone story soon, though the anthology is still worth buying as a whole. I really enjoyed all five stories and was really proud to be involved in a fun, innovative project with authors I admire. 

No Better Angels

No Better Angels is the name I've given to a linked series of historical romances. Why No Better Angels? Because my characters--and my heroines especially--struggle to be good. Choose one of these ladies for a guiding light, and there's no telling where you'll end up. Probably not on the high road. 

The books are set in England during the early Victorian period, from the late 1830s through the early 1840s. It's a transitional period: the Regency is over and the Napoleonic wars have given way to a period of relative peace, but the characteristic identifiers of the Victorian period have not yet settled into place. Trains are new, railways are under construction, steamships are few and far between. Bodices are tight, skirts are full, but most ladies would fit just fine through a doorway. 

Stand-Alone Novels

It is not necessary to read my books in order. Each book features a different couple and ends with an HEA (happily ever after). 

The books within a series are linked, however. A secondary character from one book of the No Better Angels series may appear in a later book as a protagonist...or vice versa. The conclusion of book one, The Secret Heart, has consequences that carry through to book three, The Orphan Pearl. And book four will be most satisfying to readers who've seen the hero, the Earl of Kingston, grow and change in books one through three. 

There are four books in the series:

1. The Secret Heart

2. The Lover's Knot

3. The Orphan Pearl

4. The Young Blood

Release Dates

Bed of Flowers releases on June 19, 2018.

The No Better Angels series is complete. The Secret HeartThe Lovers's KnotThe Orphan Pearl and The Young Blood are available right now. If you click through to the book page, you'll find links to the complete list of vendors. The best way to keep up with news about when I'm releasing new books (or when my currently available books go on sale) is to sign up for my newsletter.


Print and ebooks distributed across all vendors, including Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. The Secret Heart, first in the No Better Angels series, can also be found at Smashwords, Oyster and Scribd. 

Reviews & Reviewers

Would you like an review copy of one of my books? Send me an email at erinsatie at gmail dot com with a link pointing me to your reviews, along with the electronic format you prefer. 

If you're reading this section, you probably need to know two things: 

1. I send review copies because I hope that they'll be read and reviewed. However, that's a hope. Not an obligation. I understand that most reviewers have access to more free books than they could ever read--I won't hassle you if I don't make the cut.

2. Reviews are for readers, not authors. If you do review my book, here's the place where I say: thank you, I appreciate it. Whether you loved it or hated it, read to the end or DNF'd on the first chapter, I'm not going to comment or complain. 

Those are promises. My reading life changed for the better when I found the online book blogs and review sites. They've helped me to read more books that I like, fewer books that I don't--and, so, get more pleasure from reading on the whole. This is the smart thing to do--and it's also the right thing to do. I get that.