Hello, I'm alive and writing.

Wow, it’s been a long time since i updated this blog. I don’t have much in the way of news but I thought I’d give everyone an update.

I’m on the home stretch with the next book in the SWEETNESS AND LIGHT series, which will be called BOOK OF LOVE. Last 25%. I’m not going to give any dates because I’m a slow writer so who knows how long it will take but it should be a straight shot to the end, so I’m feeling optimistic.

This one got off to a really slow start—I tried out several different heroes on Cordelia before landing on one that worked. I love Cordelia but finding someone who worked with her was hard—it was like trying to feed a very picky Goldilocks. I needed a hero who wasn’t too soft, wasn’t too hard. Someone who appreciated her strengths, didn’t fold every time she pushed (so… every time), lifted her up but never lost his own sense of self, enriched her life in ways she ways she wouldn’t have achieved herself…

I finally cooked up just the right dish, though, and Alistair is the best. He ties with Alfie as my favorite of all the heroes I’ve written, though the two of them are complete opposites. He’s so great, and he has such a distinctive voice, and he’s so fun to write.

Once I had my hero, the book sorted itself out. It’s the first book I can remember writing where I’ve loved it from start to finish. Even when it wasn’t easy to write, I’ve felt really excited and enthusiastic about it. I just love my hero and heroine, they both have such big personalities, I love the way they spark off one another.

Anyway, this is just a “no news yet” sort of update, but there will be news soon! And hopefully a good book that was worth the wait.

Thanks for reading!